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More than 50 years ago, it is dedicated to producing AYR handles, locks and other accessories for private and public buildings.

They are accessories that do not normally put our attention but are so essential that if no outright exchange our life. Handles, locks and hinges are the joints of the doors, the transmitters of our movements, our desires and allow these to do their real function of opening, closing and privatizing the places where we live, work and rest.

Everyone AYR are always been guided by the three principles that can be defined as the ideological basis of our company: honesty, effort and effectiveness.

Our engineering and design study and the usual collaboration with external designers and technological institutions allows us to develop any initiative coming from our sector.

The great development that has had quality construction in recent years in Europe and America has given our company the opportunity to develop products with significant technological and aesthetic loads to solve problems as different types of customers we They have raised increasingly difficult challenges with which we have been excited to bring good term. This has allowed AYR register as a brand leader in our industry and the proof is the large number of national and international patents that have developed in recent years.

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